Tokyo Game Show 2015 has finished and we’ve compiled a photo blog of the expo below for those who couldn’t attend. The show was bigger this year with another hall opening up for more exhibitors. Let’s have a look below:

The main foyer entrance showcasing this year’s artwork banner.


Lining up for Day One (Business/Press Only) for the show. Public days are probably 10x more busier than this.DSC_0813

We went straight to Konami booth to check out Metal Gear Online.DSC_0817

Here’s the Konami booth with a Pro Evolution Soccer display on the corner.


Google was present this year to showcase their latest YouTube Gaming. They had hands-on with the direct from PS4 streaming here plus the announcement of mobile streaming.


Twitch was also present on the floor.


EA’s Star Wars Battlefront had a big showcasing this year.


Bandai Namco had another Gundam display this year.


SEGA/Atlus had a pretty big stand. Too bad Persona 5 was delayed.


We went hands-on with the new Resident Evil Umbrella Corps shooter. They had an impressive booth.


Keep an eye out for Part Two of the photo blog.