The new ‘Tournaments’ update for Rocket League is now live. The update adds the new Tournament feature where users can create their own tournaments in-game allowing the freedom to create your own competition with your friends. It also adds what all Nintendo Switch owners of the game were looking forward with performance and visual quality upgrades to the platform.

Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch is currently running on 1024×576 (Handheld) and 1280×720 (Docked) 60fps but the update will allow players to choose a ‘Quality’ setting that boosts the resolution up to 720p on handheld and 900p docked. Quality mode also adds in lens flares, light shafts, dynamic shadows and depth of field. The update will also see the addition of a video capture system.

Several other features have also been added to this update like the ‘Connection Quality Information’ which are indicators that detail ‘what kind of connection issues you’re currently experiencing mid-match’ instead of just one red indicator. Plus a new chat ban system where players can get their voice comms banned for toxicity.

You can check out all the features and improvements added in the Tournaments update for Rocket League here.