Trials Frontier will be launching on iOS devices on April 10 and there’s a launch trailer to get you excited.

Bringing all the fun and frustration of the Trials universe to a mobile device near you, Trials Frontier is a free-to-play Trials title that links in with the upcoming platform title, Trials Fusion. Set after the fall of the Trials Fusion universe, Trails Frontier tasks you with riding and racing through a series of isolated towns with a wild west theme that represents the last stand of humanity. It brings everything you’d expect from a typical Trials game, including customisable bikes and social leaderboards that allow you to keep up that long-standing Trials rivalry with your friends. Trials Frontier also promises quirky characters, a wild story, and interactivity with Trials Fusion.

Trials Frontier will be available on all current iOS platforms from April 10, with an Android release planned for the future.