We first saw the Dracco line-up previously when Thermaltake released a whole range dedicated to DJ and Premium Audio. Without a microphone, the Dracco wasn’t really something gamers considered. Building upon the foundations of the original, Thermaltake has returned to release a gaming version of these headphones called the Dracco Captain.

Important Things

  • Connector: 3.5mm Plug (Audio/Mic)
  • Driver Unit: 50 mm
  • Headphones Frequency Response: 10Hz – 22K Hz
  • Heaphones Sensitivity : 94dB±3 at 1K Hz
  • Microphone Directivity: Omni-directional
  • Cable length : 3M
  • Includes Carry Bag
  • Street Price: $99

The Dracco Captain has the same design as the more consumer orientated version except now – it packs a microphone. The overall build of the Dracco Captain is very sturdy utilising some extremely rugged matte finished plastic. The metal headband wrapped with faux leather provides a flexible yet solid frame of the construction. The only downside is that the frame of the headset itself was quite tight out of the box so some manual flexing is needed before prolonged use.


The ear cups which pack 50mm drivers are wrapped in breathable cushions making over-the-ear support quite comfy and less head inducing. You can pivot the cups which helps the headset angle the headset to your head or if you just want to hear out for the phone. The boom microphone is located on the left cup and is adjustable. With the headset being focused on portability, the microphone size and inability to detach does not make it easy to transport.

The headset comes with a lightly braided 3.5mm cable that is removable – for whatever reason I don’t know, maybe portability but I would guess most people would just roll the cables up. The cable also has a volume/mute controller – adjusting on the fly. For a premium headset however, the in-line unit was quite questionable as it really feels out of place with the overall ‘expensive look’ of the headset. It works which matters but in terms of design – it’s rather ugly and cheap.


For testing, we chuck this headset on games such as Battlefield 3 and CS:GO to get a feel of the in-game usability. The headset outputs some great sound, not perfect but a well balanced pushing out some rich thumping bass. The microphone was also pretty good – as teammates could hear my constant rambling quite clearly. It’s no studio quality but it functions as a good all-rounder gaming headset.

The Dracco Captain is a great gaming headset hitting all the points of making a decent setup. The audio is great and the microphone good for gaming however parts of the design annoyed me like the headset and the overall tight structure out of the box. The price is also quite questionable at the under $100 mark which is sitting in a bracket where other competitor’s headsets are better. Overall, the TteSports Dracco Captain headset is a good all-rounder delivering expected results from a gaming headset.