Switched On.

We see plenty of mechanical keyboards enter the hardware market as the switches become more accessible to manufacturers. Tt eSPORTS – a gaming division of Thermaltake have made a few different mechanical keyboards models in the pass however the Poseidon Z will be their first not using the well known Cherry MX switches. Just like the Razer brand, Tt eSPORTS have opted into using a different branded switch with their choice being Kailh. Kailh switches have been known as the copy of Cherry switches but that doesn’t mean they are nasty rip-offs – they’re just cheaper to manufacture meaning the consumer which is you, pay a cheaper price for keyboard altogether.

Coming from a Cherry MX switch keyboard, I used the Poseidon Z for a fair month now to adjust and test out it’s durability. Because I moved from a Cherry MX Brown switch to a Kailh Blue Switch – it’s obvious I felt the difference but with my past experience using Cherry MX Blue keyboards – the Poseidon Z felt naturally familiar. Gaming wise, the Poseidon Z did a well rounded job of providing accurate keystrokes and registration. Playing games like Battlefield and CS:GO, there was no notable ghosting or input lag with the keyboard. The addition of the windows lock key was also great just in case you accidentally decided to switch out mid-game. For general use such as typing, the feel and tactile touch of the keys were great if not pretty standard for most mechanical keyboards. It’s not ground-breaking technology or performance – it simply does the job without any flaws which makes it great.

The Poseidon Z has a full blue illuminated back-light which can be adjusted in brightness or you can just turn it off completely. I’m not a big fan of coloured back-lighting as my previous mechanical offered a subtle white back-lighting which was more easy on the eyes and the blue on the Poseidon Z can be quite overpowering however it depends on the user. In terms of features apart from the Windows Key Lock, the Poseidon Z doesn’t offer anything else. It’s a basic mechanical that functions well and does the job.

Since the mechanical keyboard is using switches people may not be familiar to, Tt eSPORTS is offering a 5-year warranty for the unit. The price point is another advantage of the Poseidon Z coming in at around $100 locally in Australia. Most people don’t like the idea of paying $150 for a keyboard so the Poseidon Z comes in at a more favourable price with a full keyboard back-lighting which is normally seen on more expensive keyboards. With it’s lower price point and backed with a 5-year warranty – the Poseidon Z will be the best entry into the mechanical keyboard craze.


  • Low Price Point Mechanical Keyboard
  • Full Keyboard Back-lighting
  • Function over Form


  • No Wrist-Pad
  • Only comes in Blue Switches?