All in One

When Microsoft launched their Xbox One console towards the end of last year, there was a few things that really annoyed me and one of them is a compatible gaming headset. You could still use your older headsets for audio but there was virtually no microphone option for voice chat (only through the Kinect) which made communication in games like Call of Duty: Ghost and Battlefield 4 useless. It was not until recently with the release of Titanfall, Microsoft has issued an update with an attachment for the console which enables chat functionality from the controller and manufacturers like Turtle Beach have launched alongside it a new range of headsets. We take the new Turtle Beach XO Four High-Performance Xbox One Headset for a spin.

  • 50mm Neodymium Speaker Drivers
  • Removable Microphone
  • Xbox One Console Compatible/Mobile Compatible
  • Includes Xbox One Headset Adapter
  • Price: $149 @ JB H-Fi

The XO Fours follow the same shape and design of their flagship tournament grade headset, the XP Seven, sharing similarities in ear cup and band design. The XO Fours however are wrapped in full matte black with green highlights bringing it more in-line with the Xbox One console design itself. The look is sleek and stealthy and not loud, which I prefer. The headset cups are adjustable allowing players to sit them on your shoulder when taking a break. The microphone which is rigid and semi-adjustable can be removed if you don’t require chat functions.¬†Overall the comfort-ability of the headset was quite good. The only downside is that it can just feel a little too tight at first but prolong usage helps loosen up the band of a headset a little.


Included in the box is a Xbox One headset adapter which attaches to the controller. While not technically a Turtle Beach product, the included accessory saves buyers another $39.95 purchase for it separately. Installation is a breeze with the XO Fours, or Xbox One headsets in general, as full audio and chat comes through the one 3.5mm connection on the adapter attached to the controller. Users are required to update their controller first prior to usage but after that, installation is matter of plug and play. The single cable connection to the controller is probably the best thing about the headset. Users are no longer required to run ridiculous lines of cables from their couch to the back of the console/TV which creates more freedom while gaming.

The XO Fours have some incredible clarity coming in for it’s price, delivering some sharp audio while maintaining a bass without any distortion. I mostly tested the headset out on Titanfall and I was able to distinctly locate incoming fire and movement in-game. Chat wise delivers clear audio and hardly can fault it. It may not be quite audiophile grade quality but for the average gamer – it does more than enough to give you the competitive edge.


Another great thing with the usability of the headset is the console’s focus on entertainment. Not only can you enjoy games with the XO Fours, you can enjoy things like TV shows and Movies through the headset via the Xbox One console. The console is the centre of my home entertainment living room and I run my movies and TV shows through the TV app on the Xbox One. So having dedicated audio to yourself without disturbing anyone else is another feature in my books with the headset.

After two weeks of heavy usage, I feel the XO Fours do a great job in delivering audio for the Xbox One, no matter if you’re playing games or watching the next episode of Arrow. For a price of $149 with the included adapter – it’s a great entry point for a fully functional headset for the Xbox One. No more yelling at that Kinect!

Note: I was aware of static sound spikes and audio glitches during my testing phase with the headset. Microsoft has issued a notice that they were aware it’s an issue on their end and not the manufacturers.


  • Great Audio and Chat Quality
  • Single Cable Connection – No More Messy Wires
  • Easy Plug and Play Installation


  • Tight Pressure Fit
  • No adjustable sound levels