After winning ‘Esports Title of the Year’ 2018 at the inaugural Australian Games Awards, Ubisoft Australia has announced two new tournaments kicking off in 2019 – the Six Oceanic Cup and the Rainbow Six Summer Series.

The Summer Series will run over 4 weeks online in a single elimination, best-of-3 tournament kicking off on January 19th. The new tournament will have 16 teams compete for a $5,000 AUD prize pool with 9 current ANZ Pro League Season to receive a direct invitation. The remaining spots will be filled by top teams in the weekly PC Go4 tournament on January 13th, 2019. Teams interested can sign up here.

The 2nd tournament to be announced was the Six Oceanic Cup. The new tournament will run over 2 weeks and will feature a single elimination, best-of-3 series and 8 teams. The semi-finals and grand final will both take place at the ESL Studios in Auburn on Saturday 23rd March 2019. No other details such as prize pool or qualification process has been announced yet but Ubisoft Australia has stated the details will be shared in 2019.

Sebastian Østfeldt, Brand & Esports Manager at Ubisoft Australia, said, “After the very successful launch of the Six Masters 2018 at PAX Australia in October, we couldn’t be more excited to announce the Six Oceanic Cup and the Rainbow Six Summer Series. These new tournaments represent the next step in our long-term plan to establish Rainbow Six as a mainstay esports title in the ANZ and APAC regions and remind the industry why the game is deserving of Esports Title of the Year.”

With an incredible year for Rainbow Six esports in 2018, Ubisoft Australia didn’t hold back with this announcement kicking off the next season on a high. Respawn Ninja will be covering Rainbow Six as a major title on the website throughout the year 4 season.