Ubisoft has announced that Grow Home, a title that looks to pride itself on quirky, experiential  climbing and exploration will be making its debut on Steam in less than two weeks, with a release date set for February 4th.

Developed by Reflections, Grow Home encourages players to explore their strange surroundings, which is all set in a minimalist, beautiful environment. You play as BUD, a child-like robot who’s been sent on a mission to search the galaxy for a new species of plant that can oxygenate his home world. Players will be able to reshape the planet they’re on and create landscapes that allow exploration of the highest of heights. The game has climbing controls and abilities that challenges players to continue reaching higher, but punishes them for making a wrong move.

Grow Home started as an experiment over at Reflections, and has been worked on by only eight developers. There are no set paths in Grow Home, and the world is built for vertical exploration, giving freedom to players to explore at their own pace.

Grow Home will be available on the 4th of February for PC.