Naughty Dog has released information about Uncharted 4’s multiplayer stating the game will feature free maps and modes post-launch at no additional cost.

Yes, that’s right. Free maps and modes post-launch coming to Uncharted 4. Naughty Dog discuses a ‘Unified Community’ influenced by the goal of having the content available to everyone on the same day ensuring players are kept together and experience new content at the same time.

Naughty Dog has also stated they want to keep the multiplayer fresh and going as an ‘evolving experience’ and has released a roadmap of post-launch content:


The game will rely on relics as the economy for the multiplayer system which are attainable in-game by winning matches or completing daily challenges or via real money. You can use relics to purchase either the DLC Vanity Chest or a DLC Gameplay Chest for in-game items. Naughty Dog has promised the items you receive in these chest won’t double and are not ‘pay to win’.

Uncharted 4 hits PlayStation 4 on May 10, 2016.