Viewsonic Darksided has announced they’ve picked up an Overwatch roster. The squad is made up of Grafix, Kura, Nesty, Mooney, Punk, ModifiedFootage and will coached by Maid.

Matthew Westphal, CEO of Viewsonic Darksided has said:

“The Overwatch esports scene in ANZ has been something I’ve had my eye on for roughly 6 months now. I loved the game, and watched all the international broadcasts I could find. Seeing the CyberGamer, Blizzard, ESL and OPC movements recently, the scene is on a path to great things in 2018. Grafix and his team have been nothing short of a pleasure to work with thus far. I’m excited to see these boys compete in the second season of the Open Division!”

Punk has also mentioned: “Really keen to be playing under Viewsonic Darksided now! Im really excited for what the future holds for us!”

The ESL hosted Overwatch Open Division Season 2 starts on September 5th 2017. The new Viewsonic Darksided Overwatch roster will be competing in this. Follow Darksided Twitter for the latest news and updated from the organisation and team.