To celebrate 100 Years of Tanks, Wargaming is running a few special events in-game for World of Tanks across PC and consoles as well as on World of Tanks Blitz. Wargaming is also releasing the British Mark I tank in-game.

Launching on PC, they’ll be a special in-game event on September 19th called Convoy mode. Here’s the rundown of the new mode:

Convoy mode: Players will be driving an entirely new vehicle type: four-wheeled Lanchester armored cars, armed with fast-firing machine guns, which are incredibly quick and mobile. Players will be divided into two teams of seven. One team will protect the Mark I as it moves across a World War I battlefield, providing cover and repairs to the Mark I, while the other team tries to use explosives to stop it in its tracks.

On console, Wargaming will introduce a Trench Warfare Mode on September 14th. Featuring the British Mark I tank, the mode will have a console exclusive map called Thiepval Ridge.

On World of Tank Blitz from September 19th, players can participate in 7 v 7 battles with Mark I. When you rack up to 10 battles in the Mark I, you’ll receive a special medal.

World of Tanks is free-to-play and you can download it here.