ESL and TEG Live have announced that the Overwatch League (OWL) team, Washington Justice will be attending Melbourne Esports Open this September 1st to play an exhibition match with the winners of this year’s Overwatch Contenders Australia season. This is big news for Overwatch fans as Washington Justice will be the first team from the OWL to play an international exhibition match.

The exhibition match will see Washington Justice joining members of the winning team to form two all-star line-ups for the games. Washington Justice assistant general manager, Aaron “PRE” Heckman has this to say:

“The Justice is thrilled to have the opportunity to meet fans and play an exhibition match with the talented competitors in Australia. With the demands of our competitive schedule, it’s not often we get travel outside our region, so we’re looking forward to everything Melbourne and its local fans have in store.”

Nick Vanzetti, SVP, Managing Director from ESL Asia-Pacific Japan has also mention that he’s excited to be showcasing an international team at Melbourne Esports Open.

“Being able to showcase a top-tier international team like the Washington Justice at this year’s Melbourne Esports Open is a massive win for the event.”  

“I’ll be in the crowd cheering for our local representatives, and encourage every Overwatch fan in Australia to attend this historic exhibition match.”
If you’re keen to check out the Overwatch esports action and more at the Melbourne Esports Open on 31st August & September 1st 2019, information and tickets are available now: