Easy Expansion

While the new consoles provide next-generation graphics and a welcome change in home entertainment, the makers made quite a major oversight when it comes to storage space. Both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 require games to be installed onto the internal drive and at launch the models only came with 500GB internal hard drives. With video game files ranging between 20-40GBs or more it can be quite a hassle to manage your games, their updates, and the downloadable content attached to them.

While the PlayStation 4 allows you to open the console and install a bigger drive, the Xbox One doesn’t have the capability of changing the internal drive. You can, however, plug in a USB flash drive or a fully-fledged hard drive into the Xbox One to expand storage capabilities.

This is where the WD Passport X comes in handy. It’s a USB-powered hard drive with 2TB worth of storage space which makes it a great companion for the Xbox One. WD has also styled the chassis of the hard drive to match the Xbox One’s lines and aesthetics so it doesn’t look out of place in your gaming setup/home theatre, which is a plus one in my book.

Since the hard drive is using USB 3.0, the hard drive takes full advantage of the fastest connection speed available on the console. We clocked a gigabyte file transferred from the console to the hard drive at an average of around 15 seconds so it’s not going to be an issue moving large game files around.

The WD Passport X is created for one sole purpose and that’s to store Xbox One game files or saves. It’s an upside if you require the space for the Xbox One but a downside if you want to use it for anything else. It’s not really WD’s fault because of the format the Xbox One uses but since the Passport X is marketed towards Xbox One expandability, you probably won’t use this hard drive for any other purpose.

If you’re an early adopter of the Xbox One console and find yourself having to delete old games often to make way for the selection of new titles, the WD Passport X is your simple solution. While any hard drive can be plugged into the Xbox One, the Passport X is sleek, it’s USB-powered and it matches the looks of the Xbox One making it our top pick out of what’s currently available.

Price: $199.95 | Available Now | A review unit was provided by the vendor.

WD Passport X 2TB External Hard Drive Review
Pretty much plug-n-playUSB-powered portabilityMatches Xbox One design
Can't use it for any other purpose
90%Overall Score