WarGaming Labs or WG Labs has announced their next title called Hybrid Wars which is a futuristic top-down shooter.

Taking inspiration from classic top-down shooters from the 90s – Hybrid Wars put you in the boots of one of the three available mercenaries as you wreak havoc in eight open-world warzones.

“WG Labs was assembled to support small, passionate teams and experiment with new game mechanics and genres,” said Andrei Gruntov, Global Publishing Producer for Hybrid Wars, WG Labs.

“Extreme Developers submitted their title, and its mechanics, combined with a nostalgia for ‘90s console shooters, had us interested, so we decided to publish the game. Hybrid Wars is a small, experimental game, which is easy to pick up and have fun with. We’re looking forward to player feedback from this project.”

Hybrid Wars will be available for Windows PC, Mac OS X and Linux sometime this year. You can check out the trailer below as well as the Steam page.