EA’s press conference last year wasn’t quite the conference it should have been. The company chose an awkward — albeit interesting — way to show off the new titles their developers are working on and it didn’t pay off. Gamers love trailers and getting hyped for titles, and while it was neat to see what characters and terrain look like in the new Mass Effect, a small teaser trailer would have fared much, much better. EA tried something different compared to the rest of the crowd and it didn’t pay off, so we’re hoping they’re going to shift back to what a conference should really focus on – not behind the scenes content, but trailers, teasers and gameplay of upcoming titles that’ll get gamers excited about the future. Here’s what we want to see.


FIFA 16 – Gameplay Reveal and Major Improvements Announced

I’ve easily clocked in over 200 hours on FIFA 15, and while I absolutely adore EA Sports’ latest iteration of the beautiful game – improvements can always be made to help the game become more realistic to that of the game played on the real pitch. FIFA 15 introduced a slew of new little details and gameplay enhancements, but it faltered in the fact that it didn’t change enough to really invigorate those current-gen gamers that wanted to see the first major next-generation iteration of FIFA.

FIFA 16 needs to invigorate and strive to show that EA Sports’ game is the best football sim that’s available on the market, and to do that game adjustments and license acquisitions simply have to be made. Referee decisions need to be worked on, non-league opposition would be a huge coup to add in and Career Mode’s player growth needs to be revitalised to match that of a real professional football player. The most important thing that would change the way FIFA takes on other footballing sims is to finally acquire UEFA licensing and bring in official Champions League and Europa League competitions. This would not only signal the shift in power between Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA, but it’d also possibly put the final nail in the coffin of the former, who was once king of the field.


Mirror’s Edge 2 – Full Gameplay Reveal and Release Window Announcement

One of my favorite games of all time, Mirror’s Edge was one of the handful of titles that made me fall in love with both the world of gaming and the potential it has to become a global juggernaut in the entertainment sector. When EA announced Mirror’s Edge 2 at E3 2013, I was awestruck. After seven long years, I think it’s time we see what DICE have been up to with the hugely anticipated sequel and what better time to show it off than in front of millions on the global stage.

A gameplay reveal would go a massive way in getting fans hyped for the latest instalment in the series and while I’m aware the team said that the game will be out “when it’s ready” –  it’s been two years and it’s time for a release window announcement. While it is risky considering the delays we’ve seen over the past year, announcing the game’s release window — whether it’s Q1 2016, Q4 2016 or later — would be an excellent way of garnering excitement for the title. This is a game that I’ve been watching closely, and I can’t wait to hear and see more about it.


Star Wars Battlefront – Gameplay Footage and More Details

I’ve loved the Star Wars Battlefront series for quite some time, with the originals taking up a lot of my time in my early teens. After the initial reveal of the new Battlefront at Star Wars Celebration left fans in a mix of excitement, confusion and even disappointment, EA really needs to show some real gameplay in their conference, hopefully restoring any lost confidence in the title’s direction.

I’d absolutely love for them to somehow go back on their announcement and add space battles to the latest title, but that won’t be happening. Instead, I’d really like to see them discuss how new modes will work and how the missions replacing a formal campaign will play out. At this stage we have a lot of half information and a lot of fan favourite content being taken out for the new release, so anything EA can do to clarify the situation would be fantastic. Ultimately, I really want something to be excited about when EA inevitably shows off Battlefront – a fancy special edition would certainly be a very welcome announcement too.


Spore – Trailer and First Details

A new Spore title would be a huge surprise given the recent shut down of Maxis, but it’s something a lot of fans have been waiting on. Spore was first released in 2008 and created a really unique mix of Civilisation, the Sims and LittleBigPlanet, with a fantastic game building addition coming soon after.

With XCOM 2 announced and the success of Cities: Skylines earlier this year, it’s clear that this style of PC-exclusive role playing, sim and strategy game has a market, and Spore 2 could be greatly aided with Steam’s workshop for creators. As more and more world builder and survival games release, EA could create a new Spore title without making the mistakes of it’s previous releases and current popular titles. Done right, a game about taking your creature from molecular development to a spacefaring explorer or leader of an intergalactic empire would be a big hit, especially with the current trends of PC gaming.


EA Sports UFC 2 – Announcement and Gameplay Trailer

EA Sports UFC was an ok game, and while it wasn’t really groundbreaking – it did enough to get some of my attention. There was a lot of missed opportunities with the game and here’s hoping EA Sports can bring it back on its feet next time around.

The previous game had some of the best graphics I’ve seen in a fighter but while the visuals were top notch, they really needed to get some ‘actual’ content going this time and fix the performance bugs. One of the biggest improvements needed is a decent career mode instead of something that felt slapped together at the last minute.

EA Sports can do a lot with this licence and after learning from their first game, I believe they can bring it back stronger than ever.


Some Sort of Command and ConquerPlease EA…

I was really excited for Command and Conquer Generals 2 to come back but everyday it seems like the game was digging itself a massive grave which it ultimately ended up in. I just don’t think they understood how to make this beloved franchise into a free-to-play game. However, despite its cancellation, I want to see some sort of Command and Conquer coming back.

Strategy games are quite rare these days and hopefully EA has something in the bag to showcase at E3 after rumours of them looking to reboot the series. Command and Conquer is a popular ‘old school’ franchise and with many household name games coming back like Fallout and DOOM – it would be a good time for EA to drop the details on the next Command and Conquer in the works… Hopefully.

What are you excited to see at EA’s presser this year? Let us know in the comments!