It’s odd to think that Sony won’t be the last company to do their press conference this year, as they’ve been the usual candidates to round out press conference proceedings at E3 for quite a while now. Nonetheless, there’s still a huge amount of things to be excited about when it comes to the future of Sony’s products – PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Project Morpheus are all at the forefront of the next generation of the PlayStation division and while the Vita is listed as a legacy machine, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some sort of integration with the newer games that are announced during the company’s press conference. There’s a lot of developers under Sony’s umbrella and a lot of them have been very quiet about what they’re currently working on – so there’s an insurmountable amount of expectation whenever Sony take to the stage to deliver news on what PlayStation owners will dive into over the next few years. Of course, there’s always a moment of disappointment when all is said and done, and no one can forget the long drawn out moments Sony’s conferences have sometimes taken previously – but both E3 2013 and 2014 provided moments that fans should be expectant of this year. Here’s what we want to see at Sony’s press conference this year.


God of War 4 – Reveal Trailer

Santa Monica Studio recently moved to a new workspace and it was confirmed at some point that a new God of War game is currently in development. Whether it be God of War 4, a spin-off or a reboot – I’m expecting to see something in the realm of this universe announced during this year’s E3. I actually think it’s going to be the final reveal — much like Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was last year — just to send the crowd out on a high.

I’m very curious to see how Santa Monica Studio takes on God of War 4, but with that curiosity comes a plethora of potential and I’m very keen to see what they have in store for fans of the franchise. God of War 3 Remastered comes out a month later (nearly to the date), and what better way to start the God of War hype train running than to debut the sequel at this year’s biggest gaming event? It seems like an obvious choice to me.


The Last Guardian – Re-reveal Trailer, Release Date Announcement

If you’ve ever scrolled down and read my bio – you’ll know that I’ve been waiting for The Last Guardian for quite a long time. Ever since it was announced years ago, I’ve been quietly (and patiently) waiting for more news on the highly anticipated title. It’s been to development hell and back, with a lot of staff moving in and out during its development. It’s unbelievable to think that developers Team ICO haven’t shipped a game since the PS2 era, but what makes me confident in the game is the fact that they’re still working on it. If this was a project that was worth cancelling, Sony would have stopped the project a long time ago. There’s definitely something there for the taking.

A re-reveal trailer and a release date sometime this year would be insurmountable. It’d finally bring an end to all of the rumours swirling around this game’s legacy and we’d finally be able to talk about The Last Guardian without a pinch of worry. While God of War 4 seems the likely option for Sony to close – The Last Guardian would blow the roof off.


Crash Bandicoot – Announcement Trailer

In the year Yooka-Laylee breaks kickstarter records and 3D, old school platformers are making their return, it’s evident that quite a large audience are hungry for these titles. While long rumoured, however unlikely it may seem, if Sony were to regain the licence to Crash Bandicoot and announce that something was in the works would be sure to make Sony fans giddy with excitement.

Crash is a huge IP for Sony, very much synonymous with the brand. It’s been far too long since we’ve seen something like Crash 3 Warped or Crash Tag Team Racing in the market, something that would give Sony a good footing for competition with Nintendo in the younger market. It might be impossible for Sony to ever regain the rights to Crash, but if by some chance they have, E3 2015 would be a damn fine time to announce it.


Destiny – Content Reveal

With Destiny basically Sony’s game to publicise at the moment, I’m excited to see a full reveal of the next expansion pack for the game. While it has been leaked already, Expansion 3 — titled ‘The Taken King’ — has a lot to offer the game, including the long sought after third subclasses for our guardians.

On top of this, I’d like to see what else Bungie has in store for the title and whether it matches up with leaked roadmaps from the past. It seems that with this expansion leak the major mid year content add on ‘Comet’ may not be happening after all, but hopefully all of this will be laid out at E3. Ultimately, Destiny is a game that seems to get better and better as Bungie learn from mistakes and improve it – I can’t wait to see what they’ll add next.


Guerrilla Game’s Project Horizon – Reveal

The developers behind the Killzone franchise have been working on a new IP for the PlayStation 4 and rumours suggest that they will showcase it this year. The company has tweeted they’re working on something early this year and concept images of the game were apparently leaked.

The leaked images suggest the game would be an action RPG set in some universe where dinosaur robots roam and you play as one of the hunters. It’s all rumours so it’s hard to say if any of the above is actually true because Guerrilla Games have been quite tight on this one.

Hopefully this E3 they will show off what they are actually working on. After the disappointment that was Killzone Shadow Fall – I’m hoping this studio hits back with a new, very strong IP.

Leaked concept art of Guerrilla's latest game.

Leaked concept art of Guerrilla’s latest game.

Media Molecule’s Next Project – Reveal

So I’m talking about another game we don’t know anything about. Media Molecule, the team behind the first two LittleBigPlanets and Tearaway is working on a new project.

Nothing has been revealed about what they’re working on but I highly doubt it will be a new LittleBigPlanet game because of how recent LittleBigPlanet 3 was (developed by Sumo Digital) – so here’s hoping they come up with a new IP.

Media Molecule has a brilliant track record – always releasing games with personality, I can’t wait to see what they’re working on next.

What are you hoping to see at Sony’s conference this year? Let us know in the comments below!