Square Enix are also one of the new companies to be hosting an E3 press conference this year, and understandably so considering the amount of IPs and developers they have under their umbrella. Much like Bethesda, Square Enix wouldn’t hold a press conference if they didn’t have big news to share, and I wouldn’t be surprised to be seeing a release date for Final Fantasy XV glow upon the screen at the end of the conference. Of course, there’s much more to see from the company too – and here’s what we want to see when Square Enix take to the stage.


Hitman – Debut Trailer and Release Window

Hitman was a huge part of my childhood, I remember playing a very significant portion of Hitman 2 and 3 when I was young and Blood Money following shortly after. Yet it was Hitman Absolution that made me fall in love with the universe that’s been so sharply conceived by the developers and upon hearing news last year that a new Hitman was in the works, I couldn’t help but get incredibly excited.

It’d make sense for Square Enix to fully reveal the next Hitman game at E3 this year, even if it wasn’t to come out for another year and a bit – getting the excitement running and having a robust catalogue of games is an important part of running a company and having fans continually trust that the developers are delivering on their promises. We’ve passed the time when there’re no games for the current-gen consoles and have entered the time where we’re itching for the latest news about the next crop of AAA titles. Debuting a Hitman trailer and setting a release window would be a positive step in getting fans of both third person action games and fans of the Hitman series particularly excited.


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Gameplay Debut and Release Date

We don’t know much about what Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will entail, but from the great reveal a few weeks ago it’s clear that Square Enix are putting a lot into the game and are making sure absolutely everyone in the community knows that it’s coming. It was always likely that we’ll be seeing some gameplay from the next Deus Ex game at E3 this year, and to put a metaphorical cherry on top, announcing a release date for sometime next year would be great.

The Deus Ex series is incredibly popular — and for good reason — so I would expect to see Deus Ex news towards the end of the conference. Showing off what Adam Jensen is up to next with in-engine gameplay footage and shifting through his new gadgets would certainly be a way to keep what is a rather lengthy run of conferences interesting and exciting. Topping it all off with a release date at the end would definitely have gamers looking forward to 2016 if they weren’t already.


Just Cause 3 – More Grappling Hook Montages

Coming later this year, Just Cause 3 should be one of the biggest highlights during Square Enix’s E3 conference. While they’ve showcased a gameplay trailer – there’s still plenty more to showcase like improvements from Just Cause 2 and more details on the world and weapons we’ll get to use.

This is a long shot – but I would like to see multiplayer added to the game from the get go as Just Cause 2 had a brilliant mod where you could wreak havoc with others. It was insanely over-the-top madness and it’d be great to see something like that added in to Just Cause 3.


Final Fantasy XV – Release Date

Square Enix has been awfully vague on when this game will actually come out and I think it’s about time (if not E3 then TGS) they make an announcement on the release window. They haven’t been shy, recently showcasing some impressive gameplay and visuals (thanks to the Luminous engine) plus a playable demo (attached to Type-0 HD Remaster) so I assume they are making some good progress.

I hope they come out at E3 with some sort of news as I don’t want to see this development drag on and on like Kingdom Hearts 3 has. Yes, we love the remasters Square Enix, but let’s lock in a date or something for this game please.


Kingdom Hearts 3 – Release Date and Gameplay Trailer

Kingdom Hearts 3 has been on the radar of a lot of fans for quite some time – it’s signature mix of Final Fantasy and Disney tapping into the nostalgia of many a gamer. While we’ve seen some early footage I’d be really excited to get a full blown look at the title and what we can expect to see when it lands in our hands.

A release date announcement accompanying any new footage would be really important to show, giving faith to the fans that the game is progressing well and worth their interest. On top of looking at the way the new game will look and play, showing off some of the new films and universes making their way in to Kingdom Hearts 3 would be equally exciting. I’m just excited to plunge back into the world, keyblade in-hand with Donald and Goofy at my side once again.


Chocobo Racing Next Gen – Reveal Trailer

In 2015 when racing sims are reaching the pinnacles of realism, I feel like Square Enix really need to toss their hat into the ring, and what better way than to reintroduce an old favourite? The original Chocobo Racing first launched in 1999 on the Playstation One, and now is definitely the time for it to return.

As a rival to both Nintendo racing titles and high octane thrillers like Project CARS, a Chocobo Racing title would be perfect in the current market, potentially even drawing JRPG fans in to the genre. A stunning CGI trailer for the racer alongside that of Final Fantasy XV and Deus Ex would be sure to increase hype for the current lineup of releases, and with a solid range of chocobo, tracks and modes to choose from, the title could easily score racer of the year awards all round. We almost saw the return of yellow chicken racing back in 2010 for the 3DS, eventually cancelled, but now Square Enix have the perfect chance to take Chocobos to next gen.

What are you hoping to see at Square Enix’s conference this year? Let us know in the comments!