Rounding out the fine selection of E3 press conferences this year is one that’s focusing on all things PC. It’s great to finally see the PC space get some attention at such a big event like E3, and we’re all really excited to see what the team organizing the event has in store. Here’s what we want to see from the PC Gaming Show.


Project BlueStreak – Full Reveal Trailer

It’s hard not to be excited over Cliff Bleszinski’s new game. After crafting one of Xbox’s finer exclusive franchises, Bleszinski branched off and created a new studio running under the name of Boss Key Productions. Not much is known of Project BlueStreak — Boss Key’s first game — but judging from the pre-alpha teaser released a few months ago, it sure looks pretty.

I’m really hoping to see a full reveal trailer for Project BlueStreak, and considering it’s a PC exclusive title that has AAA status it’d be the perfect game to round out the conference. If anything, this is the title I’m most excited for considering the vast amount of possibility and potential it has behind it. All we can do is wait and see what comes to fruition.


XCOM 2 – Gameplay Trailer and Release Date

Only announced fairly recently, 2K Games and Fireaxis are developing a sequel to one of the best strategy games I’ve ever played. XCOM: Enemy Unknown and it’s standalone expansion Enemy Within were incredible games, and having spent the majority of my time on the console version, hearing that XCOM 2 will be PC exclusive made me really excited. I never really liked the way the game played on consoles as it always felt truly at home on the PC where utilising a mouse and keyboard fits the control scheme more naturally. It’s exciting to hear that XCOM is coming back, and showing it off at the PC-centric conference makes a lot of sense.

I’d love to see an in-depth gameplay trailer for XCOM 2 and round it off with a release date. We know it’s coming in November, and maybe the time’s not right considering the reveal trailer only dropped a week and a bit ago – but it’d make sense to announce when we can expect to be picking up the game and taking on both the humans and aliens in a dystopian new world order. IGN First has all of the information on XCOM 2 throughout this month, so maybe they’ll finish their coverage off with a release date. Even so, I can’t be more excited for XCOM 2 and what it’ll entail in November.


New AMD Graphics Cards – Full Reveal

With AMD sponsoring this show and the fact they’ve announced new graphics cards are to be unveiled during this period – it’s safe to say the new line of Radeon cards will be revealed here.

Why should you care? While AMD may not be ahead in the game when it comes to graphics card compared to NVIDIA, having them around as a competitor ensures the green team doesn’t have market freedom. It also means they are highly likely to undercut NVIDIA like they did in the past, making graphics card options much more wallet-friendly.

Another point is that AMD has been targeting gaming head on so we could see some new partnerships with developers announced at this show.


Half Life 3 – Full Reveal

Gabe Newell walks onto the stage. Half Life 3….is co…cancelled. Drops the mic.


Esports – Discussion and Presentation

Traditionally, E3 has been a platform for developers to show off the games set to come in the future, but with this year marking the first time we’re seeing a conference based around the world of PC gaming, it’d be nice to see a little light shone on the eSports that call it home. It’d be really cool for them to show off a short video about the current state of the scene, as well as talking about some of the big things at the moment and what the future may hold.

With Blizzard and many other developers exhibiting, eSports games like Heroes of the Storm and potentials like Overwatch could easily fit into the presentation. Any surprises from Valve on new DotA or Counter Strike updates would be greatly appreciated too. At the end of the day, it’d be nice to see something not usually focussed on at E3 shown off, giving the community something to get behind.


Total War: Warhammer – Full Reveal Trailer and Gameplay

For quite a while Total War was the pinnacle of the historic real time strategy, taking us through Rome and medieval Europe. I was very excited when I first heard that Warhammer was making its entry in to the Total War saga, combining some of the finest gameplay around with the lore that makes Warhammer so exciting.

It would be great to see some more details on what we can expect from the title, as well as a gameplay demo to show off the in-game factions and battles. The Dawn of War games — the original Warhammer strategy titles — really proved that the tabletop game works well in a digital format, and I feel like Creative Assembly can bring their own signature style to the series, hopefully creating something special for the PC gaming market.

What are you excited to see at the PC-centric E3 presser this year? Let us know in the comments!