Windows 10 has arrived and not only does it mark a significant change in the way you use your desktop, it brings a revolution in the PC Gaming segment.

The two massive features in Direct X 12 that gamers can look forward to are the Async Shaders and Multi-threaded Command Buffer Recording. The features will significantly improve how games perform on DirectX 12 enabled PCs in the future. These are two things PC gamers should get excited about!

With Async Shaders, the DirectX 12 API will behave in way where it can work simultaneously without dropping in performance unlike DirectX 11 where it has to execute task one by one. This opens up how the video card or GPU works in the PC allowing a better ‘pipeline’ in terms of how threads are pushed through. This means less rendering resulting in higher framerates (or FPS) which all gamers crave.


Source: AMD

The other feature is Multi-Thread Command Buffer Recording. You’ve probably heard about the common statement where ‘not all games can use all the cores in your CPU’. Since CPUs have been multi-core for a while, DirectX 11 hasn’t been able to take full advantage of them all. Now with DirectX 12, it’s going to be excuse the pun, a game changer with this feature.


Source: AMD

DirectX 12 will take advantage of multi-core processors by spreading the work the CPU has to calculate over the available cores. This again means more performance with up to 100% increase according to AMD and NVIDIA.

As a pc gamer, I’m quite excited to jump aboard DirectX 12. More performance is always better and while DirectX 11 provided some impressive changes in PC gaming, DirectX 12 just opens up a whole new level.

If you’ve jumped onto Windows 10 already, make sure you’re up to date with the latest driver releases from NVIDIA and AMD. Check them out here.