Carbine Studios have released a new Wildstar Flick to introduce you to the future of war… Warplots.

Warplots is Wildstar’s take on 40v40 PvP combat. As part of Wildstar’s Elder Game PvP (designed for level 50 players), Warplots throws up to 80 players against each other… Fortress v Fortress. These aren’t your typical bases though. You’ll be able to customise the fortresses to meet your needs, presuming your needs involve the likes of plasma cannons and incinerators. You’ll also be able to access mines, rocket launchers, bunkers, teleporters, defense grids, attack ships, robot factories, nuclear power plants and orbital strike capabilities (just to name a few). Oh and if you manage to capture something big and nasty at the bottom of a dungeon, you can spawn that in too… Let the war begin.

Check out the video above for a much more imaginative description of Warplots.

Wildstar is due to launch in June, but you can pre-order now to get access to beta weekends.