Windows 10 and PC Gaming

Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 10 was recently released in July this year and many people have upgraded calling it a significant improvement over Windows 8. We particularly didn’t like Windows 8 and chose to stick with Windows 7 until Windows 10 came out. Today, we’re looking at the benefits of Windows 10 and gaming showcasing what you can do and why you should upgrade.

Windows & Xbox Together

Microsoft has introduced the Xbox app to Windows 10 so can easily share your achievements across Xbox One and Windows 10 devices. If you use the Xbox One, you can chat and interact with the same friends list you have on the console on your PC.

Another advantage is the fact you can stream Xbox One games to the PC through the app. This way you can enjoy your Xbox One games on your desktop PC, laptop or Microsoft Surface running Windows 10 wherever you are in the house. The latest update allowed games to be streamed in 1080p resolution with 60 frames-per-second.


Xbox Controller Works on PC

The Xbox One controller is one of our favorite controllers and if you own an Xbox One console already then you don’t need to fork out for another controller for your PC as it works natively with Windows 10. Nearly every game available on PC works with the Xbox One controller like it would on console which makes it the ideal companion for gaming on Windows 10.

Microsoft has also released the Xbox One Controller wireless adapter for PC so you can wirelessly sync your controller without the need for cables. The adapter works natively with Windows 10 so all you have to do is plug-play and you’re set.


Record and Share

The Game DVR App on Windows 10 also allows you to record and capture gameplay like you can on the Xbox One console. The app is integrated so all you have to do is hot-key some buttons (or if you’re using the controller – press the X button). No need to buy extra hardware to share your best gaming moments.

Focus on Gaming

During E3 2015, Microsoft has shown some love to the PC platform and Windows 10 by announcing some new (previously exclusive) titles coming. Titles like Gears of War and Killer Instinct will be coming to Windows 10 in the near future. Windows 10 also features Direct X 12. We covered the benefits of Direct X 12 here but overall it just means better performance and will take more advantage of your hardware.


Cross-platforming gaming is also coming with titles like Fable Legends and Gigantic supporting Xbox One vs PCs powered by Windows 10 multi-player. In the future, we could possibly see more cross-platform play between the two.

So they you have it, Windows 10 and Gaming – it provides some new opportunities, better performance and brings the whole platform into one ecosystem. Windows 10 is available now. You can learn more about Windows 10 here.

Disclosure: Sponsored Article written to promote Windows 10 Gaming.