It was recently announced through Travis “Wizard” Richardson’s social media that due to personal reasons as well as the development of Tainted Minds movement into a gaming house that he would no longer be partaking in the CS:GO roster. With Wizard having a tenure of over 6 months amongst his teammates, this recent development comes as somewhat a surprise to Australian Counter-Strike fans knowing the numerous impressive national and international placings with the team throughout the year of 2016.


Due to personal reasons and developments, regrettably, I would like to announce that I will no longer be apart of the Tainted Minds roster as moving into a gaming house is not in my best interests.

As for my CSGO career…I will always aspire to be the best and to represent this country overseas. I will seek another team to do this with once again when the right opportunity presents itself.


This is what Wizard had to say about his separation from Tainted Minds and his future plans as an Australian CS:GO competitor as express via TwitLonger – here