A new game mode and two maps have been revealed for the upcoming 10.0 game update for World of Tanks.

The update, also known as Rubicon will feature an all-new game mode called Rampage. Rampage will feature respawns, garage battles, repair spots and capture the flag which aims to challenge existing and new players. Players will also have new abilities such as artillery and air strikes.

Two new maps which are exclusive to the new Rampage game mode are ‘Paris’ and ‘Berlin’. The update will also include a new PvE tutorial and a newer tank customization system.

“Rubicon not only implements a range of new gameplay mechanics but also acts as a strong foundation for the development of new features that our players want,” said Sergey Laptenok, Publishing Product Director for World of Tanks. “Listening to our community and presenting them new and exciting ways to play is always a driving factor in our design decisions.”

The new update will go live late October.