Rolling out on the Xbox 360

After a huge success on the PC, Wargaming takes their focus to port the PC world wide success game onto the Xbox 360 to expand their horizons. Taking that front, a division of Wargaming, Wargaming West prepares the port over and working closely with Microsoft to ensure the game runs smoothly for launch. A world-wide open beta for the 360 happened over the weekend from 9th-11th November 2013 where players had a chance to take control of the large arsenal of tanks and battle over 6 large maps on a classic 15 vs. 15 match.
What makes World of Tanks different and addictive to any other game out there on the market is purely its sole focus on TANKS! A large variety of tanks from different era’s and different countries makes it versatile and completely a different experience. A simple game of tank vs. tank battles can become so addictive that you get really into it and start earning those hard earned points to upgrade your tanks with a variety of equipment. Earning tanks is simple enough by purchasing them with your points earned after every match. Each tank can be upgraded with different parts to be customised to how you want to play it.
The variety of tanks available can be easily categorised into your light, medium, heavy, scout and artillery tanks. With each categorisation of these tanks they are further tiered to accommodate and balance the game out so players with a tier 5 tank won’t be joining a match with players who are rolling over the battlefield in tier 1 tanks. It is hard to figure out which tank is which with the limited information on the beta or if you want to jump straight into the action.
There is an extremely in-depth customisation to the tanks and the type of tank you take into battle. Such as the penetration shell used by the standard tanks, there is a percentage of scoring a critical hit if hit a weak point on the tank. Heavier tanks are more heavily armoured from the front so take little damage but from the rear will take more damage. Different types of shells and cannons which help the reload and accuracy of each shot helps within each battle.
Within World of Tanks, there is a heavy emphasis on purchasing tanks and upgrades which becomes addictive as you play with each tank to see which style suits you best or what formation you want to deploy with friends. During the beta, there is an option to be a premium member with the purchase of Xbox Live Points/Cash which is of course not available until actual launch. Premium allows purchases of premium tanks and storages and cuts down time to gain access to certain upgrades on tanks. This allows players to fast track through World of Tanks and gain an advantage ahead of other players who are more experienced at the game.
The core part of Word of Tanks is exceptionally smooth and the graphics are looking crisp as the final product comes close to being released. During combat it either becomes a frantic hell loose cannon fodder as you find yourself being quickly rushed by enemy tanks or an intense long range battle where cover is your best friend. Strategically placed tanks can turn the tide of battle easily as that the environment plays a vital role as that you can hide your tanks in hidden placements especially to hide your weak points. Moreover it becomes really satisfying after destroying your opponents tanks and surviving by the skin of your teeth.
A few glitches and sticky controls causing you to lose complete control over your tank are just the minor issues that doesn’t deter you away from World of Tanks. The port over edition for the Xbox 360 is turning out to be looking great with obvious minor issues to still stamp out. Overall the short beta test of World of Tanks has been a very positive one with a few issues such as the lag in allied camera view after the destruction of your tank. Addictive, intense and fast paced, World of Tank brings on the plate a totally refreshing game in the multiplayer arena for those who wants a change of the FPS genre.
There is no release date as of yet from Wargaming West when World of Tanks 360 Edition will be released. Keep an eye out for World of Tanks as it is one of those games that will get you hooked easily after a few games! 
Note: Early Xbox 360 beta access was provided by Wargaming.