Nobody likes to spend hours in the shops trying to find the perfect gift for your friend or family. Here at Respawn Ninja, we’ve picked out the top gifts for each category. Today we look at our top buys from the PC Gaming category. There’s something to suit all budgets.

Under $100


Razer Deathadder Chroma RGB ($89.95 RRP)

The Razer Deathadder mouse has a well built reputation and easily one of the most popular mouse within the PC gaming community. The new Chroma RGB range allows you to customise the Deathadder even more so if you don’t fancy the Razer Green, colour it up with… pink?

Dragon Age: Inquisition ($89.95 RRP)

Quite possibly a no brainer pickup for the PC gamer. Dragon Age Inquisition offers plenty of hours of fun and replayability, you’ll never hear the words ‘I don’t have anything to play’ again.

Mid-Range Pricing


Corsair Gaming K65 RGB Gaming Keyboard ($179 RRP)

It’s not PC gaming without a mechanical keyboard. Our top picks of the range has to be the Corsair Gaming K65 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Yes it’s a little dearer than most standard mechanical keyboards but this has …lights… customisable lights!

Audio Technica Gaming Headsets – ($199 RRP)

Audio Technica makes some pretty kickass audio products and their new line of gaming headsets have had positive feedback. Available in two models: the ATH-PG1 / ATH-PDG1 can be picked up for $199 each.

High-Tier / Baller Status Pricing


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 Graphics Card ($489+ RRP)

Got money to spend? Really love your mate? Why not upgrade them to the new GTX 970, quite possibly the best bang for buck at the moment. Play all the latest games on high with ‘cough’ brilliant fps and NVIDIA cards features some awesome extras like ShadowPlay.

Alienware Alpha PC Console (From $698 RRP)

The Alienware Alpha is one pretty neat device. Probably suited for a PC gaming newbie or a 2nd ‘lounge’ gaming PC – the Alpha has a small footprint with a decent amount of power (GTX 860M) so you can totally play all the latest games. It also comes bundled with a few games plus a Xbox 360 controller so you can start playing out of the box.