As is with EA’s annual E3 Press Conference, the sports games get a huge amount of publicity – and rightfully so. EA Sports have been doing great things with a handful of their sports games and they deserve their time in the spotlight. There wasn’t a whole lot shown off this year around in the way of big announcements and improvements for the sports titles, but here’s the information we got from the conference.

NHL 16

Next to nothing was announced about NHL 16 this year, although it was mentioned that the EA Sports Hockey League will be incorporated this time around.

Rory McIlroy PGA Tour

Likewise, this year’s PGA Tour game has been shown off a fair bit and is out next month, so nothing big was announced as a last-minute attempt to entice more pre-orders and purchases. The game is out on the 14th of July.

NBA Live 16

There was a big focus on NBA Live this year, and I can understand that considering how much the series has been faltering since it made its return two years ago. There’s an app included now that’s all about importing your own face into the game and using it in character creator. It’s a nice feature, but one that should be incorporated into all of the big sports titles in my opinion. Game Face will be an app you use on your phone that will liaise with the console to import the image. There’s also a new shot system, off-hand dribbling and more emphasis on real physics-based motion this time around. The game launches on September 29.


I was fairly disappointed to see that there wasn’t a huge emphasis on FIFA this year, but we’ll be hearing more details about features soon enough. The big points they made was that defenders will now keep their shape and go for interceptions with intelligence, the midfield will control their area of the park and strikers will be adapt with more skills and will be intelligent in attack. Also included is off-the-ball dribbling, which will make for interesting encounters online. The big players utilise this to their advantage by faking defenders and sending them the wrong way – so hopefully it can be used accordingly in FIFA 16. The game launches on September 25.

Madden NFL 16

There was a lot of emphasis on drafting in this year’s Madden NFL 16, check out the trailer above to find out all of the details. Unfortunately being an Australian and one that spends a lot of time playing FIFA, I couldn’t keep up with what the guys were talking about! The game launches August 25.

So that’s all of the sports contingent of EA’s conference this year. No UFC which is surprising, but maybe we’ll see it at Gamescom or something like that. Perhaps it’s taking a breather for a year. Be sure to stay tuned here, as I’ll be doing a FIFA trailer dissect this afternoon.