The biggest trend in the PC case market right now is tempered glass and it’s not surprising to see Corsair jump on the bandwagon. Corsair Crystal series cases introduces tempered glass to their line-up with two new cases: the 460X and 570X. The Corsair Crystal 460X comes in two variants but today we’re looking at the RGB variant.

The Corsair Crystal 460X RGB edition comes with three SP120 RGB which costs $219 AUD roughly in retail with the standard variant (comes with a single SP120 red fan) costing $179 AUD. With the price of the fan kit costing $95 AUD separately, it’s hard to recommend the standard variant because for an extra $40 AUD, you’ll get the luxury of customisation.

Upfront, you can see that the Corsair 460X is based off the Corsair 400C mid-tower case mimicking the exact same frame and size internally as well but with added tempered glass panels for the front and side. Adding a front tempered glass panel really compliments the look of the triple RGB fans. With the glass slightly tinted, it’s not overly in your face giving it a nice subtle look that still makes an impression.


The IO ports are located on the top of the case which features the standard 2 USB 3.0, HD Audio ports and Power/Reset Switch. You’ll also find the added controller buttons for the RGB fan kit so you can easily control the lighting with a few clicks. Not only can you change colours but there’s different effects such as breathing, static and even pulsing (which will probably make you epileptic) – it’s easy to customise and change on the fly to fit the mood of your case.

If you have built with the Corsair 400C or have seen reviews prior to this, the installation is exactly the same. It also features the exact same PSU shroud to hide your cables.

Here’s the parts we’ve used on this build:

  • Intel Core i5 6500K
  • MSI Z170A Krait Gaming 3X Motherboard
  • 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 RAM
  • Corsair H100i Hydro Liquid Cooler
  • EVGA SuperNOVA 750W PSU
  • Galax GeForce GTX 1070 EX OC SNPR

Originally, we had the Corsair Vengeance LED RAM kits but during our first initial build – the case doesn’t have enough clearance for a radiator on the roof with standard size RAM. So if you’re keen for a top-mount, you’ll need to get the low profile RAM options. The other option is to front mount the radiator which sits on the SP120 fans on the front.


Building into the case was easy enough as there was plenty of cable management options to hide those cables. The PSU shroud however was quick annoying and depending on the placement of the pins and connectors on the motherboard – you’ll have to run all the cables first to make sure shroud can go back on cleanly. It was slightly tedious but depends on the setup of your PC. The other issue was the panel behind the motherboard didn’t feature a lot of clearance. It was just enough but with lots of management and routing cables properly on my end, it was still slightly bulging. It’s hard to spot with a quick glance but noticeable if you look closely. A little more width to the case on the back would have been great.

Overall the build was easy enough for newcomers but not straight forward or clean as it should have been. The only other issue is the lack of a fan pulling hot air out. For the price point, it would be great if Corsair added a single standard fan (even non-RGB) to help the airflow on the rear. Looks-wise as well, it looks kind of bare without a rear fan. In the end, the build quality and overall design and for the Corsair 460X is quite sleek and professional looking. I’m a fan of clean designs and have also thought the Corsair 400C is a nice case – the Corsair Crystal Series 460X just looks even better with the tempered glass front and side. With the added RGB SP120 fans, the case looks seamlessly perfect once you’re done building it despite the slight hassles.

Price: $219AUD

Where to buy: MWAVE

Disclaimer: A review sample was provided by Corsair | Respawn Ninja is owned by Mwave Australia, however we retain editorial control over reviews.