Logitech has announced that they’ve acquired Astro Gaming, a company known for it’s gaming headsets in the console esports space. The move to acquire the company cost Logitech $85 Million USD.

In a blog post on the Logitech website, the company has also stated the brand will retain it’s name and products treating it as the console sub-brand of Logitech.

“I’m happy to share that we’ve found this same love for design and the sport of gaming in our newest team members: joining the Logitech G gaming team is ASTRO Gaming. ASTRO’s history of producing award-winning headsets for pro esports and console gamers perfectly complements the PC gaming expertise Logitech G is best known for. And we know you love (or will love) ASTRO just as much as we do. So the ASTRO brand, and their awesome products aren’t going anywhere.”

Astro Gaming headsets are used by various teams in console esports especially within the Call of Duty segment. Recently, Astro Gaming released a budget headset – the A10 targeting the under $100 AUD range. Last year, Logitech acquired joystick maker – Saitek from MadCatz for $13 Million.

You can check out the blog post here.